6 Gift Ideas for the Data Geek in Your Life


Its that time of year again and there are so many gift options to choose from.  Be it hover-boards (that may explode,) drones or Star Wars’ own BB-8 remote control droid, there’s been quite a boom in tech gadgets this year.  At Keboola we love all things data, so to get you in the holiday spirit, we wanted to share some cool gift ideas that use data to make your life easier (or at least a bit more interesting.)

Automatic Adapter

Similar to the gadget seen in the Progressive commercials, the Automatic Adapter is basically a fitness app for your vehicle.  It provides a full report on behavior through an app or a web interface regarding where you’ve been, driving behavior and even tag routes for business travel expenses.



If you’re looking for a highly rated smart thermostat look no further.  The ecobee3 identifies when to turn on your heating and cooling based on outside weather data as well as a profile of your home to ensure you’re always comfortable.  It can also identify when someone is home and what room they are in to ensure that you have a comfortable experience as well as improved cost savings on energy.                            


Pebble Steel

Although there are a lot of options for wearable trackers, we are big fans of the Pebble Steel.  In addition to being a cool looking watch, it uses built in sensors to track your steps, calories burned and sleep.  Similarly, it lets you know how close you are to hitting your targets.  All of the data is sent back to the UP app (for iOS and Android) for further consumption.  (Side note, we have connected to Pebble Steel with Keboola Connection.)


bactrack mobile

Want to make sure you didn’t have one too many at the holiday party?  Bactrack mobile is a police-grade breathalyzer that delivers BAC results to your iPhone or Android device and also estimates when your BAC will return to 0.00%.  Additionally, it has an app that saves and tracks BAC over time with the option to include photos, notes and even a drink log.    


Lexar JumpDrive M10 Secure

This 32GB JumpDrive M10 Secure by Lexar is more than just your typical thumb drive.  It securely locks the data inside a password-protected vault using 256-bit AES encryption (it’s not impenetrable but it will keep most hackers out.)  Additionally, it comes with beefed-up deletion protection to prevent deleted file recovery attacks.


iDevices iGrill Mini

Time to bring grilling to the IoT.  The igrill Mini connects to a heat-resistant probe that plugs into the meat as you cook it.  It shoots a stream of data via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android app that includes a bunch of presets to ensure you cook different meats to various levels in different devices (BBQ, oven, etc.)


Whatever the area of interest, there’s a cool gadget out there for the data lovers in your life.  Hopefully we were able to share some great ideas with you!  This is only the beginning, so I’m sure we will see a whole host of new devices by this time next year.  From all of us here at Keboola, happy holidays!