Anatomy of an Award Winning Data Project Part 3: Ideal Problems not Ideal Customers

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read about our excitement and pride upon learning that two of our customers had won big awards for the work we’d done together. To jog your memory, Computer Science Corporation (CSC)’s marketing team won the ITSMA Diamond Marketing Excellence Award as a result of the data project we built together. CSC used KBC to bridge together 50+ data sources and pushing those insights out to thousands of CSC employees. To catch up on what you missed or to read again, revisit our Part 1 of our Anatomy of an Award Winning Data Project. 

Additionally, the BI team at Firehouse Subs won Hospitality Technology’s Enterprise Innovator Award for its Station Pulse dashboard built with a KBC foundation. The dashboard measures each franchise’s performance based on 10 distinct metrics and pulling data from at least six sources. To catch up on what you missed or to read again, revisit our Part 2 of our Anatomy of an Award Winning Data Project.

We’re taught that most businesses have a “typical” or “ideal” customer. When crafting a marketing strategy or explaining your business to partners, customers and your community, this concept comes up repeatedly. And we don’t really have a ready-made answer. A data-driven business can be in any industry and the flexibility and agility of the Keboola platform is by its very nature data source and use case agnostic.

And so, when these two customers of ours both won prestigious awards highlighting their commitment to data innovation, it got us thinking. These two use cases are pretty different. We worked with completely different departments, different data sources, different end-users, different KPIs, etc. And yet both have been successful, award-winning projects.

We realized that perhaps the question of an ideal customer isn’t really relevant for us. Perhaps we’d been asking the wrong question all along. We can’t define our target customer, but we can define the target problem that our customers need help solving.

So what’s our ideal, solvable problem look like?

#1 The Problem has Value

There are lots of problems we can solve and questions we can answer using Keboola Connection. KBC is data agnostic, so we can pull data from virtually any source and start digging for answers related to how your business operates today. We can help you identify trends, spot areas of inefficiency or find gaps in your internal processes.

Our ideal problem however is one whose solution will substantially impact your organization. We’re not in the business of simply satisfying curiosities - though we can certainly do that. We’re in the business of discovering truths that lead to substantive changes in business practices or to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions. Whether it’s the integration and analysis of over 50 critical data sources, helping hundreds of franchise owners better understand their individual businesses, or building data products that allow a business to prove its value to its clients, the work we do helps transform businesses on a large scale. 

We solve problems that matter.

#2 The Problem Owner is the Project Owner

Building a powerful Business Intelligence environment can be a complex endeavor. Ultimately it requires the bringing together of a myriad of disparate technologies, tools and resources. The Keboola mission is to make that process as simple and painless as possible from a technology integration standpoint, but we still rely on our project owner to navigate the often complicated path of office politics, permissions and controls to get access and buy-in when needed.

For a Keboola project to be truly successful, we need to be working with the person or the team that owns every part of the problem. This means they need to own the process of using Keboola, own the data we’ll be using and ultimately own the implementation any changes or business decisions that insights from KBC help them discover. If there are significant external limitations placed on any component of the project or if management views this as a “nice-to-have,” its impact will be greatly reduced as well.

#3 The Problem Seems Almost Too Big to Solve.

“I’ll never get the budget I need to solve this.”

“I’m in marketing. I don’t have access to the developer resources I need.”

“There’s no way we can manage bringing together this many data sources at once.”

We’ve heard statements like this from nearly all of our most successful clients. The power of KBC is that it simplifies the process of getting the answers you need. We call it the Get S#$& Done Platform. The days of 6 months of scoping followed by 18 months of implementation are over. Connecting to your data is easy because we are truly data agnostic and displaying your data is inexpensive because we are happy to work with the software you’re already using.  

For the companies and the people, for whom multi-year business intelligence projects seem well within reason, Keboola is not for you. For everyone else, who wants (and needs) to do more with less, who can’t afford to wait 2 years to get answers to their pressing business questions, we’re your team, your platform and your partner in all things data.

The point is that we’ll work with just about any person or any company, but we’re rather picky about the problems we want to solve. You can rely on us to be honest about your project’s chances of success based on our deep level of experience producing award winning projects for our clients. Why? Because we want to know that the work we produce will have an impact on our clients and their businesses.

Do these three criteria fit your problem? Get in touch with us at: