Uncover New Growth Opportunities in eCommerce with our Update Magento 2.0 Extractor

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform which provides merchants with a flexible solution to control their online stores’ contents, appearance and functions. With our updated extractor, merchants will be able to extract data from Magento into Keboola's platform to:

  1. Syncing inventory across multiple platforms

  2. Constructing cost structure by constructing merchant company’s financial data and suppliers’ data

  3. Observing or predicting the statistics of user engagement by analyzing customer information

Magento Extractor is written based on Generic Extractor. Multiple templates have been configured to extract data from the few popular endpoints offering the users to have a clean data extraction out of the box. 

This link contains information on how the extractor should be configured and some useful links connecting the users to Magento API settings.

If a user wants to extract data from multiple endpoints, they are not bound to using the pre-configured templates. The extractor UI can switch to a JSON editor, where users have the freedom to alter endpoints and mappings to their liking, This process does, however, require Keboola user's to have advanced knowledge of the generic extractor.

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Leo Chan