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by Keboola

We would like to show you how some of our clients redefined their businesses by routinely using data in their daily activities. Despite the fact that each company’s situation is different, we hope to give you some ideas to explore in your own business.

If you work in a service agency, as a customer care manager or in similar type positions, you are all about efficiency. Any idle time spent on non-revenue generating activities means wasted time and manpower, and more importantly, a net loss for your organization.

To ensure optimal operation, you may be asking yourself questions like this:

  • Is your team correctly prioritizing clients with a higher profit margin?

  • How are individual team members performing compared to each other?

  • Are team members doing the work they are best suited for?


Sometimes the simplest graphs show the most relevant information. The graph that you see below (generally known as "bullet chart") has been coined the “earthworm” by our clients. Provided by one of our clients, this particular graph eloquently shows agent performance overall, as well as in comparison to the team average.

As a manager, imagine having one of these for each of your agents. In a mere seconds you can distinguish your top vs. poor performers and take the actions needed to enhance or improve their behavior.

Customer Care

Diving deeper into individual performance, you can then examine why each agent is performing the way they are. After you take a look at the next client example, you will see that this series of earthworms track agent performance in different areas.

Customer Care 2

In this example, the agent is faster at answering emails and calls compared with the team average. That’s great. However, if you look at the live chat section, this agent is answering zero tickets. This could mean the channel is out of order, or that the agent is struggling with this particular aspect of customer service.

You can see that our team member is by 30% faster at solving phone or email requests while he does not accept any requests coming by the live chat, which indicates that this channel is probably out of order. Otherwise, the team on average spent 1,600 minutes on solving 1,257 tickets while our operator alone managed to solve 4,000 requests by himself. This is surely a fact that may require some further inquiry.

The earthworm graphs give you a quick visual representation of performance, so that you can identify areas of interest. This then allows you to spend your time where it matters, investigating and taking action.

Activity Reports

As an agency, transparency into the work you are doing is crucial to ensuring client satisfaction. Your clients want to know where their money is going and how your work is impacting their business.

Recording these transactions can be tedious and time consuming for your team, and extracting these reports into a presentable format can be equally as frustrating. Using Keboola Connection, our clients have been able to centralize their client related activities information to one place and then develop simple reports to easily show the client exactly what’s going on.

The report in the following example is used by another of our clients. It can be modified with the drop downs featured to the right to create the specific report a client would want. This report instantly gives insight into how time is being spent without the wasted resources required to manually pull reports from places like Excel.

How we can help you

We offer great solutions for your team performance management, client reporting, revenue and expense comparisons, etc. Keeping track of your daily operations can be tricky enough, but using this information to improve can be even more daunting. Let us give you the tools to create easily accessible reporting. This will prevent you from getting stuck in the data and allow you to spend your time where it matters: taking care of people and improving results.