Zig Zagging your way through the E-learning journey

We bank online, buy groceries online, watch movies online, we even date online … so why not become educated online?

The emphasis on eLearning has continued to grow in the recent years. Training has become streamlined to the point where anybody and everybody can learn without actually stepping foot into a  classroom. The experience allows for knowledge to be compressed and consistently delivered to every learner. At the same time, online training gives learners a new-found freedom. They can choose their physical environment (bunny slippers and cup of tea, perhaps?), how they reference materials, and in some cases the pace at which they learn.

Traditional linear learning is based on the idea that you must first build a foundation through a set of carefully predefined segments or lessons delivered in a specific order before tackling more complicated topics. And although some people may respond well to working through an established series of concepts, the linear approach often leaves many of us unenthused-and unmotivated.

Non-linear learning, in comparison, offers learners the freedom to actively construct a personalized educational journey. What does this freedom look like? It’s having the ability to make individualized choices based on background, expertise, and one’s own unique learning style.

Interest and retention towards subject matter is increased when learners are provided the opportunity to select material relative to their own lives, careers and projects. Choosing the sequence of learning materials allows learners to tailor the content to their individual needs, weaknesses and strengths.

Adopting the non-linear philosophy, eLearning programs like Zendesk Insights Advanced Learning offer users the best route to the information that is meaningful to them. There are several support tools available including videos, guides, tasks, and challenge problems, but the combination and timing of these tools makes each user experience unique. Leveraging the Non-Linear learning advantages in an online environment, lends flexibility for time management so users can engage with the tool at their own pace ... (because it doesn’t matter if you’re the turtle or the hare, as long as you pass the finish line ☺).

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