Back to school! Learn to work with Keboola in our Keboola Academy!

Being in the data analytics/business intelligence market for 10 years, we know very well that transforming a company into data-driven organization is not about databases, apps or even the data itself.

Elena Manole

Written by
Elena Manole

December 20, 2018

It is always about people, their will and skill to leverage data in both their strategic decisions and everyday work. That is why we are always highlighting the people responsible for the change within the company and calling them #dataheroes. And that is also the reason for our new educational programme - Keboola Academy.

Keboola mission has always been about empowerment. Giving the management and employees the right information to do their work better. To talk about substance and next steps instead of arguing about who has the right numbers. To help specialist to see the whole picture and give managers tools to assess specialists work. To bring one source of truth, one universal language across the whole company, its departments and branches.

Keboola is a universal tool. It is easy to use but on-boarding is important to leverage all of its power. This is why we have decided to launch Keboola Academy!

Keboola Academy is series of live events in London, Vancouver, Prague and Chicago aimed to help you to get the most from our software. All events start with a bit of networking, and followed by a 3-4 hours session with UI walkthrough & hands-on exercises.

Even though most of our attendees have been current clients, Keboola Academy is free and open to anyone who wants to get to know Keboola Connection better. Our Customer Success Managers and Professional Service specialists will walk you through everything important.

We have already organized three Keboola Academies and all of them were, according to attendees feedback, hugely beneficial. We are working on recurring sessions and syllabus but right now every Keboola Academy is standalone event which means that no prior experience of Keboola is needed - to learn here you just need to be able to write basic SQL code.

Don’t miss the chance to learn something new and gain more skills to become #datahero of your organization. Get in touch with us to organise your private Keboola Academy!

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