We hosted a weekend long Hackathon alongside Looker at Benedictine University.

Sarah Henderson

Written by
Sarah Henderson

January 28, 2019

On November 16th, we hosted a weekend long Hackathon alongside Looker at Benedictine University to give students some insight into the role of a data analyst and some hands on experience using Looker.

Michal Synek, our data consultant from the Vancouver office did a presentation on the life of as a data consultant. His three tips to students were:

  1. Search for hidden correlations and casualties
  2. Tell data based stories
  3. Understand the customer behaviour better

And things that you need to know to establish yourself as a data consultant:

  1. SQL for data manipulation
  2. Excel
  3. Data Visualization best practises
  4. Python (or R) for advanced modelling
  5. Comment you code and tables
  6. Proper Git flow
  7. Docker
  8. Deploy model on AWS / Google Cloud

The students formed groups of 3-4 and were tasked to evaluate the neighbourhoods in Chicago and to create a presentation on their recommendation of the most desirable neighbourhood to live in. The students were given basic tables to work with but were encouraged to go out and look for other factors. Michal helped the students create and clean up the data set so they could use external factors that were not provided to them

They were provided data about Chicago that were accessible from Chicago’s Data Portal which reflected average statistics about different factors that may affect the livability of a city such as crime rates and proximity to parks. They were given just 12 hours to create a presentation which reflected their recommendation and they had to present their findings to judges.

The event was super successful and we’re glad that the students at Benedictine University had a chance to play around with Keboola and Looker. We hope this Hackathon inspired them to pursue a career as a data analyst and made them realize how open data sets are so helpful in a collaborative team environment.

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