Breaking Borders: DataGirls is Tackling Gender Imbalance in IT Across Continents

Pavel Doležal

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Pavel Doležal

September 18, 2018

DataGirls, a.k.a. SheLovesData, teaches women about data analysis through educational yet enjoyable workshops. The gender gap has long been an industry-wide issue, yet not enough companies are taking proactive steps to eradicate the problem at its core.  By making data exciting and engaging, Keboola is helping pave the way for women to enter IT at an early age.

Launched in 2014 in conjunction with Czechitas, DataGirls has already taken great strides in equalising the gender imbalance in the IT industry for generations to come. The range of engaging workshops introduce data analysis to girls of all different backgrounds and nationalities. Although it started in the Czech Republic, it now spans across three continents and thousands of girls across the globe have been inspired to embark on a career in IT.

Petr Šimeček, one of Keboola’s founders, talks about the importance of this project: ‘Data is the basis upon which most businesses make all of their major decisions. At DataGirls, we show others how working with data is fun. It’s a crucial step to rectifying the gender imbalance that exists in IT; we’re passionate about levelling the playing field within the industry. Since its inception, many young women have been inspired through their training to seek a career in data analysis. The fact that Keboola can partner with them in their future careers is the icing on the cake.’

Keboola has replicated the model wherever in the world the company itself has found new business. With branches stretching from Europe to Singapore to Sydney, DataGirls is continuously expanding its reach. In April 2018 Hong Kong became the latest destination to benefit form DataGirls workshops. To date, over 2,000 young women have benefitted from the training provided, forming a valuable network with the potential to spread its wings even wider.

Although the brand started out as DataGirls, when it extended to Australia the name was adapted to SheLovesData. The project remains the same, as do its values, yet in many areas this alternative name is considered more inclusive.

‘As a project, we want to be accessible to all. The most important thing this is that we prioritize young women and attract all participants, inspiring them to love data. In some continents you will find us as DataGirls, in others we go by the name SheLovesData. It boils down to the same thing, and enjoyment is at its core.’ says Vojta Kurka, the Solution Architect at Keboola, involved with the project in Asia.

Anyone interested in finding out more can keep an eye on all upcoming workshops at the DataGirls or DataDriven.SG Facebook pages or at the DataDriven.SG website.

Photographs from workshops abroad:

Photographs from Czech workshops:

Keboola launched the DataGirls project in 2014, teaching data analysis to girls and women free of charge. DataGirls workshops are now held in the Czech Republic, UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and, most recently, Hong Kong.

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