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DataHeroes offers a chance to learn something new about data, technology, and data-driven companies.

Jiri Vicherek

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Jiri Vicherek

January 29, 2019

Our CEO, Pavel Dolezal, hosts DataHeroes - a podcast about data, current technology trends and innovative company culture.

He decided to create this DataHeroes Podcast to share everything he has learned from the real Data heroes – people that are changing their companies significantly from within - from CEOs to lead data scientists. The cultural aspects of data and data-driven companies are discussed and sometimes conversation goes into topic of ideal data/tech stack as well.

Pavel’s first guest is Jeff Miller VP of technology for Chicago-based restaurant chain Roti, which has enjoyed rapid expansion over the past year. The company is moving from a traditionally-led food chain to a tech and data-first company. Pavel is keen to find out how Roti has done so and learn about the challenges it faces, while still retaining almost 100 percent year-on-year growth, even in an immensely tough and fast-paced market today. And Jeff’s experiences from previous jobs it made him the most logical choice for the first episode. Incidentally, Pavel also happens to be a big fan of Roti mediterranean food.

In the podcast, Jeff and Pavel discuss Jeff’s career path, his love of all things technological, which took him into the world of e-commerce, as it was known then. He then describes question and resolving it as the first step in a real transition to a technology organization, giving him an in-depth understanding, which he didn’t have before, of what it takes to drive company transformation. Jeff then took up a position at McDonald’s, where he also had the chance to apply the knowledge he had gained. Working at the company was a personal journey for Jeff, from strategy to innovation and innovation and finally experience. He started thinking about how to apply digital technology and how it could really offer customers “full control around choice and convenience.”

Jeff also sums up some of the company’s successes: “It’s going and it’s the listening, is probably the biggest thing and observing. I wanna understand how the business operates day in and day out. What’s our flow, right? And so we begin to understand and map our flow and we begin to kind of see where are the signals that are coming up through each one of those elements for us, right?”

Miller stresses that it’s not just about data. “I don’t care about data, what I care about is the whole journey from data into insights and taking actions on those insights. And I want to make is accessible to all people in the organization, across all departments, all the time, from different points of view.”

This and more in the first ever episode of DataHeroes!

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